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Think back to the last time you went to the dentist’s office for an appointment. Remember that person who did most of the work on your teeth before the dentist came in to talk to you? Odds are, you saw far more of your dental hygienist than you did of your dentist while you were there, unless you needed a particularly complex procedure done. That should give you some idea of what a dental hygienist does. Some of the duties of a hygienist include:

Cleaning teeth is one of the main duties of being a dentist. Even though a dental hygienist often performs this duty, a dentist will, at times, do the cleaning. Cleaning of the teeth requires using certain cleaning tools to remove plaque and tartar and then polishing the teeth.

Another duty of a dentist is to examine a person’s teeth. Routine examinations are usually given twice a year. This involves carefully examining the teeth and then taking x-rays. Dentists often look for injuries or diseases of the teeth and gums, examine how the patient is taking care of his or her teeth and often gives helpful suggestions for dental improvement.


Repairs are another duty of a dentist. When a person chips a tooth or has a cavity, the dentist will check it out and then repair the damage. Removing a tooth that is decayed or broken is another duty of a dentist. Removing a tooth is done by using a local a anesthetic and then taking it out with dental forceps. A drill or scalpel is also sometimes use when needed.


Many of these job openings are part time, though full time opportunities are also available. If you want to work part time, you will find few other careers with this many job openings and this much flexibility. If you want to work evenings or weekends, you can do so. If you prefer more typical hours, those are available too. If you need to change your schedule, odds are you will find a lot more adaptability in this field than you would in another.

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