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2013 Dental Marketing

Today, more and more people would take attention to their teeth. But, many dental practices have seen revenues shrink during the past few years as consumers cut dental treatments from their household budgets due to layoffs, underemployment, foreclosures and the overall effects from the slow U.S. economy.


Why? That means there is a lot of pent up demand that dentists will be able to tap into – especially if they are properly positioned online where potential patients are now doing their searches. So, they would find suitable dental product, and there are more and more dental equipment stores online!


In this article, I would like to talk about 2013 Dental Marketing online!


IAD-dental2013 Dental Marketing


Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. is making a limited-time offer to new dental marketing members to set up their own customized online Portal to attract new high value patients for just $20.13 per month.


According to North American dental marketing leader Internet Dental Alliance, Inc. (IDA), this is the perfect time for dentists to plan their strategies for 2013. IDA founder Jim Du Molin predicts that consumer dental treatment spending is finally poised to increase after several years of being postponed. IDA wants dentists to be positioned to attract their share of the economic recovery, so through November 21st, it's offering new members the chance to set up their own customized New Patient Marketing Machine™ packages starting at just $20.13 per month.


IDA is North America's largest provider of websites for dentists and dental directories. In 2012, it completed its cutting-edge dentist marketing Lead Fire lead generation system. Based on organic geo-targeted local search strategy which is customized for each dental office, LeadFire technology automates search engine optimization, and makes it possible to generate new patient leads within minutes of setting up the system. Internet Dental Alliance provides dental practices with online dental marketing services such as dental practice websites, website design, find-a-dentist websites, and other dental management advice and resources.


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