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Soft Drinks with Dental Care

Do you like soft drinks? Most people are aware that soft drinks are a major culprit due to the significant amount of sugar but not many realize that sports drinks also contain high levels of sugar.


Dental experts have called for all soft drinks to carry warning labels declaring the risk of tooth decay. Do you think soft drinks are not good for your tooth? In this article, I would like to talk something about soft drinks with dental care! 


Soft Drinks with Dental Care


Tooth decay is a very significant problem affecting millions of people worldwide and it remains a global problem. It is one of the most common and preventable diet-related illnesses. 


A Dental expert said: ''Consistent evidence has shown that high acidity of many sweetened drinks, particularly soft drinks and sports drinks, can be a factor in dental erosion, as well as the sugar itself contributing to tooth decay,'' says the lead author of the study, Dr Jason Armfield, from the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health at the University of Adelaide.


He also said: ''If health authorities decide that warnings are needed for sweet drinks, the risk to dental health should be included.''


''Teaching kids from early on about good dental hygiene practice is important. But singling out one particular part of the diet is a misguided approach to dealing with an issue such as dental hygiene,'' he said. So, you would tell your kid soft drinks are not good for teeth!


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