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Diet Nutrition for Oral Health

Fresh fruits and vegetables may contain sugar that can be metabolized by bacteria, but they also have a high fiber and water content that can help mechanically clean teeth by reducing plaque and bacteria levels. Some fruits and vegetables are more efficient at this job than others.

Pears, apples, carrots and other fibrous fruits and vegetables are especially beneficial, and celery contains strands of fiber that help remove plaque and particles from teeth. Produce also contains nutrients that can strengthen teeth and promote gum health. Citrus fruits, strawberries and kiwi are good sources of vitamin C, which can keep gums healthy and strong and reduce the risk of inflammation.

Dairy products also play an important role in your dental health. Milk, cheese and yogurt can neutralize mouth acids and help rebuild teeth. The sugars naturally contained in milk do not feed oral bacteria, which means they do not increase the risk of cavities or enamel erosion. Vitamin D can help your body better absorb calcium. Vitamin D is made by your body when you are out in the sun. It can also be found in enriched foods, dairy products and alternative milks, such as almond or rice milk.

Vitamins A and B can protect gum health, promote oral healing and reduce tissue sensitivity. Red meat, dairy products and eggs are all good sources of vitamin A. Meat, fish and mushrooms are good sources of vitamin B. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can reduce gum soreness and promote healing. Tomato paste, peanut butter, sunflower seeds and turnip greens are good sources of vitamin E.

Regular balanced meals that include lean protein, dairy, whole grains, fruits and vegetables can promote good dental health and a healthier body overall. Limit between-meals snacking, simple carbohydrates and sugary or acidic foods and beverages. Choose healthy snacks when you do snack. Nutritious snacks should be chosen to fit into your overall diet and can include yogurt, cheese, fruits, vegetables and plain nuts. Tap water, or fluoridated water, can accompany meals or snacks in order to keep your teeth strong and healthy.


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