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How the Ultrasonic Scaler work

When you visit a dentist, an acute abstraction Because articulate bloom should not be granted. Your teeth and gums are as important as your feet. Without approved visits to the dentist, you are not traveling to be acceptable if any problems until something familiar, like an atrium or gingivitis, is serious. If annihilation else authorized dental visits add your opening of a professional will advise. Dentists and dental hygienists are performed to the smallest aboriginal botheration to analyze with the teeth or gums. Your gums are significantly acute and chronically ill if they follow tooth itself through an accident.

Woodpecker® UDS-E LED Détartreur ultrasonique avec LED EMS Compatible
Scaling of the teeth was made easier for the dentist with the advent of piezoelectric ultrasonic scaler. The device has a tip that vibrates at high frequency to shake the hardened calcified plaque bacteria known as calculus or tartar. The tip can be very hot place has cooled at such speeds and with water. The tip also produces a fine mist to cool the tip and washes the dissolved calculus.

If the stone has been there a long time on the root surface then its removal makes a part of the tooth that is not to the outside world has been exposed for some time. It can be very sensitive for some patients! It is necessary to remove the tartar, as it offers an infected material for nasty bacteria to hide and cause irritation to the adjacent gums. Sometimes when there are a lot of tartar, which has developed under the gums (called subgingival calculus), then be a second visit is required. The first visit removes the tartar above the gum line. Then on the second visit, the gum inflammation and swelling would have reduced exposure of tartar below the gum easier. This approach is gentler for the patient and allows a better view with less bleeding.

If the sensitivity is unbearable then be carried out of the water jet, the removal of tartar with a hand cleaner. This takes much longer, but is less sensitive in general. In some situations where extensive cleaning is required, with local anesthetic to numb the area of the gums may be necessary to achieve the best results. And yes, it is then bleed with proper cleaning, but I think the calculus as a splitter, which must be removed. This is sensitive. Proper cleaning of the teeth then keeps the wound clean so that the gums can heal.
In addition to traveling by a dentist, you can also go for dental laboratory directly. It saves your money. Plus get your dental injury time in the permanent denture is a denture lab to accommodate prosthesis that date setting.


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