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Professionelle Reinigung entfernt Plaque und Zahnstein

Your dentist or the assistant can recognize with aids even plaque and tartar which you not yet see with the naked eye. Then it says: The coverings must down from the teeth. By a professional dental cleaning, soft and hard deposits can be removed completely. A type of procedure usually leads the prophylaxis-Assistant  through at the dentist. You sweeps over the teeth with a colorant and the toppings be visible. With a special scraper, such as a curette, she scratches at first the tartar off - even under the gamine. Then they removed with brushes and tooth silk the soft plaque. Then all tooth surfaces are polished. To cure the teeth and to strengthen the Schmeltzer, be the teeth are brushed with a gel, a solution or a lacquer from fluorine. A professional tooth cleaning you should leave through lead one to two times a year.

Using a saliva test checks your dentist if romp too many caries-causing bacteria in their mouth. These include about Streptococcus mutants, like the move in the lining. The downside: These tests measure no dental caries. You may even allow the assessment of caries risk.You can make at home with plaque Fabetabletten visible from the pharmacy but also the pads. The grocery dye erythrosine mouthpiece for mouth all digits red-violet, at which themselves plaque has formed. The tablets should however be applied only every two weeks. They are allowed to not be shut swallowed and are not well suited for small Children: Often it create the little ones not, the to spit out the tablets and swallow them they instead. Adults with an iodine-allergy should not use the tablets also.

Bend you before itself

Choose the right toothpaste to not to allow tartar arise. Anti-tartar agents in toothpastes such as pyrophosphates, phosphonat or zinc citrate can reduce the formation of tartar at least at surface sites, possibly at other sites to which enters the saliva. However, their effect is not clearly documented.

You can inhibit the formation of plaque with mouthwash solutions. Thus, the active ingredient chlorhexidine digluconate kills many supernumerary germs in the oral cavity. However, this does not replace regular brushing such rinses. Because the solutions must not be used continuously, among other things, because the microbes are slowly immune to the substances. In addition, teeth, fillings or even the tongue may turn brown. May also lead to permanently higher dose means to an altered taste sensation. Recommendable are mouthwashes with lower drug concentrations. You can apply for a longer period of time.

Brush thoroughly. Best after each meal but at least twice you everyday . whisk with the brush of red to white. In this way, you remove loose deposits without the gums to damage . No toothbrush penetrates into the spaces between the teeth. Do not use regular flossing and interdentally brushes. Preferably daily, but at least three times per week in order to prevent hard deposits.

Clean your tongue every day, especially the rear. Using a toothbrush or a scraper, which is available commercially The furrows of the tongue are true playgrounds for bacteria and yeast.No matter you how to treat your teeth, take care of your teeth from now on.

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