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Smoking and Dental Health

Today, lots of people would know that Sugar-filled candies fuel acid development that damages teeth, leads to cavities and other adverse effects on oral hygiene. And smoking is also not good for your health.


In this article, I would like to talk something about Smoking and Dental Health! 


Smoking and Dental Health


Smoking drastically affects the life of oral implants, dental experts said on Sunday, the concluding day of the 6th International Congress on Oral Implantology.


According to the experts, nicotine, a chemical found in tobacco, has adverse effect on bone tissue integration as it slows the blood circulation in the mouth. This in turn affects the process of bone transplant healing and regeneration, hampering the ultimate installation of the implant in one's body, they said.


The doctors attending the congress also discussed on the elementary needs of the implantation, significance of a natural tooth over an oral implant, increase in requirement of oral implants in senior adults and how smoking is a potential threat to implants.


Speakers from around the world at the conference also expressed their concern over post-implant surgery scenario where precautionary measures have to be diligently undertaken.


Chairman of the conference Dr Satish Bhardwaj said, "We discussed new technologies and various experiences in the world of implantology that will help the budding doctors." He also advised people to choose an implant after a market research only.


Commenting on the availability of plethora of oral implants in the market, a doctor from New Delhi, Dr Ajay Sharma, stressed on choosing the right implant system. He said "A person opting for an oral implant should be equally aware as the dentist in choosing the genuine implant."


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