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P&G and Dental Health

More and more people pay attention to dental health, but the present situation of our dental health is not good! Do you know who could promote Oral dental health? Now, read my article carefully, you may find the answer!


P&G Partners Dental Association to Promote Oral Health!


 P&G and Dental Health


As part of fulfilling its purpose of promoting oral health in Nigeria, Procter and Gamble, through its dental product Oral-B is partnering the Nigerian Dental Association at a three-day conference, holding in Lagos. The theme is ‘Non communicable diseases, the dentist and Dentinal Hypersensitivity’.


Launched in Nigeria in 2011, Oral B toothpaste is a leading oral Care product present in several key countries of the world. Its new toothpaste- Oral B Pro Health All- Round protection has become the toast of many consumers and dental professionals. It is the first and only toothpaste that combines two powerful ingredients, stannous fluoride & Polychelation technology for- Healthier, Stronger teeth in 1 -week.


Additionally, Oral-B Pro-Health All-Round protection is a multi-specialist toothpaste that provides several benefits in the 8 areas that dentists check the most. It goes beyond preventing caries and strengthening the enamel to reducing hypersensitivity, being anti plaque and improving gum health. Also, the Oral B toothbrushes such as Pro- Expert are widely available in several stores today. Also, Oral-B Pro Health All Round Protection is endorsed by the Nigerian and Ghanaian Dental associations.


Speaking at the conference, Brand Manager of Oral-B & Pampers for P&G Nigeria, Mr. Cletus Onyebuoha, said, ‘’P&G will continue to support NDA in the quest for ‘optimal oral health in Nigeria’ because that vision is in line with P&G’s purpose of ‘touching and improving lives’.


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