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Autoclave Procedure For Dental High Speed Handpiece


•Daily lubrication to the bearing is absolutely essential for extending its using life.

•After daily use,spray lubricant for 1to 2 seconds by inserting lubricant nozzle all the way into drive air tube.

•If the work is heavy,lubrication should be taken place after every morning and afternoon’s using.

•Lubrication before autoclave.

 Autoclave Procedure For Dental High Speed Handpiece


Be sure to hold the handpiece firmly to prevent the handpiece from slipping out by the spray pressure when lubricating.

Supply lubticant until it comes out of the handpiece nose(for approx.2 seconds).Keep the SPRAY can upright.



After every using,autoclave procedure should be taken as follows

Remove bur from handpiece and clean handpiece by scrubbing with a toothbrush and then use guaze towel to dry


Lubricate handpiece

Place handpiece into autoclaving pouch and seal it in accordance with instructions on the pouch).

Autoclave for 20 min. at 121C(250°F),or15 min. At 132°C(270°F)]


Autoclave Procedure For Dental High Speed Handpiece

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